Embrace Yoga’s Roots Online Course

Deepen Your Practice, Embrace Yoga’s Roots and Become a Next-Level Yoga Leader

Imagine . . . Distinguishing yourself as a teacher and practitioner who embodies yoga’s roots, philosophy and ethics in everyday life. Learn the heart of yoga to share your gifts, stand for your values, and create positive social change.

Deepen your practice and become a leader who embodies yogic values, creates genuine unity, stands for social justice in real tangible ways, and takes the practice beyond self care and into community care.  

It’s your moment to explore yoga as a vehicle for your personal and social change!

This is for those who love yoga but aren’t sure how to integrate their values into their practice while respecting its roots.

How this course takes you further:

  • Confidently connect yoga and social justice while you are deeply supported by tools from the original practice of unity.
  • Learn practical skills to open, close and teach an honoring yoga class that is a ritual for connection and speaks to the mind, body and spirit of your students in an authentic way  
  • Learn the key Framework to become a bold trailblazer for equity in yoga, understand anti-racism, privilege, power, oppression, & how to act to embody true yogic values so you can find unity, even while creating social change  
  • Master holding tension and drop in more consistently to be present in the moment with yourself and everything & everyone around you
  • Live yoga as a way of life: Embody equity, wake with a mantra on your mind, get up and practice walking meditation to the bathroom, practice yoga asana, eat and do the activities of the day with gratitude and contentment, all in a flow state  
  • Tap into the burning reason you were called to your first yoga class so you can ignite your own creative voice while embracing the roots of yoga and serving the world

What Past Students are Saying:

“Because of our time together, my realizations and the many energetic insights poured in, I am equipped to continue on my path, authentically. The future is brighter than ever imagined.”

- Kristen Hanna, Yoga Teacher

“I feel I am relearning every thing from you. What you teach helps me learn no harm. These are the conversations yoga lovers should be having. The Yoga Alliance and every teacher should have to participate in this and it should become required in yoga training. I feel I am relearning every thing from you.”

- Ashante, Yoga Teacher

I’m Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed., Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 and Indian yoga culture & inclusivity consultant and founder of the Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute, and it’s my passion to be a catalyst for this movement. 


Join me and a community of other yoga leaders to Embrace Yoga’s Roots, amplify your engagement and embody your practice in a deeper way.  

Learn Quickly and Effectively through Embrace Yoga’s Roots Online Course

This quick and powerful 4-part Embrace Yoga’s Roots Online Course is a clear framework of specific, easy-to-understand steps to create a personal practice that goes deep into the heart of what yoga has to offer - connects you powerfully to social change - and to confidently teach in a way that embraces yoga’s roots rather than unknowingly culturally appropriating.  

You’ll learn key skills to help you understand the complex world of cultural issues and to embody yoga in a way that’s authentic, as well as unique to you and your voice, rather than offending without intention.  

You’ll receive specific tools to deepen your practice as an authentic, devoted practitioner, teacher, studio owner and student of yoga and to check that you are honoring rather than appropriating.  


“This course goes far and beyond just how to teach an honoring yoga class, though I learned how to do that so well. This course is also a Journey of anti-racism and self discovery. You connect with your inner power so you can live it and share best with your students. It’s not only the asanas, its true yoga and so much more!”

- Saraja, Yoga Teacher

“Her energy is amazing. And her street cred is unarguable. This course will provide you with a roadmap to infusing equity and yoga into your dream career or business or whatever it is you want to spend your time and life doing. Bring your ideas and Susanna will show you how to clear your own path." 

- Amber, Yoga Teacher Trainer


  • 4 Video Trainings // delivered weekly with in depth but digestible teaching that helps you understand the context, reflect on your role, live your practice, and know what concrete actions to take  
  • 4 Guided Practice Experiences // delivered weekly with reflective journal questions + guided meditation practices so you can translate the understanding into your body  
  • Downloadable Worksheets to make the practices stick and help you embody your learning. 
  • Become a Yoga Leader in 4 weeks & receive Valuable Bonuses!


  • MODULE 1: What is Yoga Really? We lay the foundation of knowledge, connect yoga and social justice, and define yoga and cultural appropriation. It’s important to learn language and understand core concepts that help us understand one another. The more we learn about what separates us, the easier it is to come back together.
  • MODULE 2. The Embrace Yoga's Roots Framework Understand anti-racism and yoga's tools to build your skill to assess the power and positionality at play so you know for yourself how to embrace not appropriate in each situation. There's no definitive rule book for what is cultural appropriation and what isn't - you'll confidently know what to do in each situation. 
  • MODULE 3. Teach an Honoring Class Learn step-by-step exactly how to deepen your sadhana (practice) to teach an honoring class and creatively honor yoga while bringing your own voice to the practice so you feel prepared and respectful of the culture and tradition. Teach, lead and embody integrity and equity. Learn key tools to begin and end your practice such as how to respectfully do a spiritual lineage acknowledgement.
  • MODULE 4. Act on Your Beliefs and Live Yoga Now Take your yoga off the mat! Now that we understand the causes of separation, have reflected on it in our own lives, and then learned how we can better embrace yoga, we turn to what ACTIONS we can take for reparations for harm caused and to repay and uplift folks from whom this teaching came. Become a Yoga Change-maker in your own life as you share your gifts!


  • 1st Bonus: Done For You Embrace Yoga Class Scripts // including openings, closings and sequences so you can walk into any yoga class and know that you will teach a powerhouse class that embraces the roots of the practice and makes your teachers proud. (Value $797)  
  • 2nd Bonus: “3 Inspiring Qualities of Yoga Changemakers” Video Trainings // Learn from powerful examples of yoga changemakers in the world before us rather than needing to reinvent the wheel: “Storytelling” from Arundhati Roy, “Community Building” with Vandana Shiva & “The Power of Simplicity” with Satish Kumar. (Value $297)  
  • 3rd Bonus: “Never Get Caught Out Again” Cultural Appropriation Bingo // check off sheet so it’s easy to identify cultural appropriation (Value $197)  
  • 4th Bonus: Honoring Yoga Playlist & Music Suggestions // so the songs that you play while you practice are respectful, reverent and pertinent rather than exploitative. (Value $197)  
  • 5th Bonus: “3 Creativity Killers & 3 Creativity Boosters” Written Guide // Take the guesswork out of planning a class that goes deep and gets students thinking and feeling so you know exactly what you will teach next Monday. (Value $697)  
  • 6th Bonus: “Practical, Dumpster Fire Avoiding A’s to your Burning Q’s” Recording // answering questions like ‘can I get a Ganesh tattoo on my butt or use my mala to play cat’s cradle’ so you avoid being the next disaster on the internet or getting called out for doing or saying something unknowingly racist. (Value $697)  
  • 7th Bonus: For When You Want to Give Up: Yoga Equity Mindset Audio // the inspiring pep talk you need to keep going, trust the process, trust yourself and not give up! (Value $597)  
  • 8th Bonus: “How to Have these Conversations in Your Studio & Dealing with Counter-Arguments” Coaching and Resource Guide // to help you take action on your new knowledge so you can communicate and connect with others and share this knowledge. Because so many yoga teachers ask me - ‘how do I talk to X,’ or ‘what do I do if my studio does Y.” (Value $997)  
  • 9th Bonus: “Language is Power - What to Say and What Not to Say” Worksheet and Find Your Voice Ritual // so you feel powerful speaking up and know what language to use or not use while teaching (since teaching is a lot like public speaking!) (Value $597)  
  • 10th Bonus: 2 Months Access to the 'Embrace Yoga Coaching Community with Susanna Barkataki' // a powerful, intimate, and private space 1x a month with Susanna Barkataki for live Q and A’s where you can ask your burning questions, get resources + safe space to share your experiences, meet like-minded yogis and give & get ideas and support. (Value $997)  

  • Early Bonus Course 1: How to Go Online Strategically, Equitably and Effectively - learn best practices to take these tools online to lead as you disrupt and activate in a new landscape.
  • Early Bonus Course 2: OM to Bliss: Mindset and Energy Support for Success in These Times - support for managing stress and finding resilience with yoga during these times.

Total Value of Bonuses - $6769

These bonuses give you much of what you would get through private coaching with Susanna for simply investing in this course for either 3 payments of $197 or 1 payment of $497. 

Will you practice to embrace yoga’s roots and become a sought after Yoga Leader?

“This course reminded me of my own direction, and the power of community and collective healing. Thank you! 🙏🏽”

- Aracely, Yoga Teacher

"I'm just going to be real as another desi Because I felt so SEEN! I'm sure so many desi people like me are like FINALLY(!) someone is addressing the elephant in the room. Your course made me feel empowered, validated, joyful, emotional and so so appreciated. It feels deeply healing for our entire community and heals the distrust or connection between brown and black folk and white folk in yoga, which is so so important for us to unite and pave a new way forward. It was huge for me.”

- Meercat, Yoga Teacher


Can I get Certification and CEU’s (Continuing Education)?  

Upon completion of this course and all requirements you will receive a certificate of completion from Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute. Ignite is a registered training school recognized and approved by Yoga Alliance. Susanna Barkataki, Ignite Institute’s founder and lead teacher, is an E-RYT-500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YAECP.) Yoga Teachers will receive 20 Continuing Education units (CE’s) for Yoga Alliance (YA). (20 units is the maximum non-contact hour YA allows per year.)  

How do I get my certification?  

You will receive your electronic Certificate of Completion in the Embrace Yoga’s Roots Course once you have completed the course and submitted your final project of an honoring yoga class sequence as well as your evaluation form at the end of the course.

When does the course start?  

The course begins when you enroll.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to take the course?

No! You don't have to be a yoga teacher. Students from all different backgrounds from education to mental health have taken this curriculum and benefitted. All you need is a sincere desire to learn.

How long do I have to complete the course?  

This course is specially designed to support you through a transformative educational process - and it is one that can be engaged non-linearly. Once you are in, you have one year of access to this course and that includes any course content updates during your enrollment! So you can start now, and continue to digest as you evolve and grow. If you dive in now, within 1 month you will integrate all the tools you need to become a confident yoga leader!

When are the Special Topics office hours?

Office hours are on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 3pm EST / 12 noon PST. Susanna prepares a powerful presentation for you as well as offers a safe and brave space for you to get every question answered! Participants LOVE these coaching calls and rave about their benefits! 

Is there a refund policy?  

Due to the in depth and sensitive nature of this work there is a no refund policy for course participation. Please see our Terms for more details.  

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and nervous. Are you sure I can do this?  

YES, you can do this! This course is easily accessible and do-able, plus you have access to it for 12 months! All you need is one month to complete the course - and then you have the rest of the year to integrate your new knowledge and practice - with support!  

Any growth worth really diving into will often bring up some nervousness. This nervousness is a great sign that you are ready to grow in a meaningful way.  

It may get a little uncomfortable at times, but you will be supported by the meditations, journal prompts and the private community here to engage and uplift you.  

If you are here, I know you are a seeker who wants to bring more vitality and authenticity to your yoga practice. You really care about this stuff. And that is great, because I do too and we are in this together! You've got this! Reclaiming, unpacking and honoring yoga is such a worthwhile adventure.  

I’m not sure I have the time to learn all that is inside this program. Can you explain how it works?  

If you are willing to invest about an hour or two a week, for a month and show up for your own growth, you can totally do this! Each module has a couple short videos for you to watch, a guided meditation and action/reflection section. You can watch/listen on the go and complete the reflections on your own time. We’ve got some great incentives inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning!  

How many spaces are available?  

Many! Since this is an online course that engages group learning there is space for all. And we all so need this.  

I’ve taken other online courses and not done the work. How is this one different?  

This course is specifically designed to be accessible, thought-provoking, challenging in all the right ways as well as enjoyable. Each of the short and informational video modules will help you deepen your connection to yoga while learning how to properly honor and not appropriate. Your care for the topic and the guidance you will get will bring you back. As a teacher, I think about the best ways that people REALLY LEARN! So we’ve got some gamification too - that means some fun and great incentives inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning!  

Your investment in the course supports you as well as other folks in honoring the roots of yoga. Where does your investment go?  

A portion of the profits from the course goes to supporting the roots of yogic traditions in yoga’s homeland of India.  

I really want to participate but I don't believe I can afford it. Are there any alternatives or options?  

If your heart is singing YES but you don’t believe you can afford it, we want to make it accessible. Know that this course is already configured to give you maximum value. We’ve lowered the price below value to create greater access.  

We are offering a number of additional half-price scholarships to BIPOC who apply, based on need. Please apply by sending an email sharing why you are in need of a scholarship with the subj: Scholarship: Embrace Yoga Online Course to support@ignitebewell.com  

If you have any questions about the course please email support@ignitebewell.com  

Join us to embrace yoga now.

“This time in the course with you has been amazing. You were able to bring perspective and groundedness as well as uncover my passion and vision. For that, I am appreciative beyond words and ultimately, it will benefit my students, their babies and those that they interact with.”

- Keisha, Yoga School Owner  

“With the materials from your class, I feel more equipped to mobilize without staying paralyzed with discontentment. Your class has given me a community, mentors, an agenda, and a more clear view of what I need to do." 

- Julie, Yoga Teacher 


Susanna Barkataki helps yoga teachers, studios, nonprofits and businesses grow thriving practices and businesses with integrity and confidence by becoming leaders in equity, diversity and yogic values.

Susanna is the Director of Education for Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute. She is the creator of the Embrace Yoga Course, the Honor {Don’t Appropriate} Yoga Summit and Framework dedicated to bringing equity, yoga and mindfulness tools where they are needed most.  

Susanna has an Honors degree from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Education, is a Yoga Therapist, is an E-RYT 500 Teacher as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner. She is the author of Embrace Yoga's Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice. She grew up in this practice and has taught yoga, mindfulness and social justice for two decades. She is honored to carry the Sri Adi Shankaracharya lineage in the Hatha yoga tradition, is in the current Community Dharma Leaders cohort at Spirit Rock, and is ordained into the mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.  

Susanna supports clients in expanding their leadership integrating authentic yoga through online courses, speaking and consultations for studios, companies and nonprofits. She consults for teachers, studios and companies from local studios to Yoga Alliance, from Yoga Journal to Yoga Girl to local nonprofits. She is the author of "Embrace Yoga’s Roots," and teaches in person and online so you can learn tools to teach a powerful yoga class, evolve your practice and embody the authentic expression of yoga.  

Know how to embody social justice and embrace not appropriate yoga. Act on specific tools to deepen your practice as an authentic devoted practitioner, teacher, studio owner, and student.

Explore yoga as a vehicle for your personal and social change!

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